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My journey so far.....

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Hello and thank you for visiting my website, I am Lloyd Light and I am a Usui/Holy fire Reiki Master Teacher, and Atlantean healing Master, Angelic Reiki healer, QHHT healer...

In fact i am now trained and versed in so many different healing modalities and techniques I like to just refer to myself as a healer,

My spiritual journey and self healing began following a serious injury to my back, which after several surgeries ended my 18 year career as a police office. I was written off by the medical professionals, and had a very sudden spiritual awakening.

At the beginning of my journey I was in constant chronic pain and taking painkiller like smarties.

I found myself placing my hands on different areas of my body and sending energy into myself, However at the time I had no idea, What or why is was doing it.

I was Also awakened to the TWIN FLAME journey of balancing the masculine and feminine aspect of myself.

I began to feel positive effects from this practice, and quickly became more in tune with my body. I stopped taking painkillers and began to detox my body drinking vast amounts of water, and a complete change of diet.

I started to delve deeper into what I was doing and I found Reiki which seemed to mirror exactly what I was doing. I decided to take my Reiki 1 course to help me structure my healing, and better understand how I knew to do this.

All I can say is from that point onwards, I have been on a magical quest of self discovery, and healing. This lead me into the Atlantean healing, as I was having memories from past lives. Atlantean healing opened up a whole new chapter in self healing and helped me understand the reason certain limiting behaviours were playing out in my life.

Due to the massive personal shifts in myself via the learning and deep diving it myself through my own healing journey. I have been guided to share my gifts and journey with others via alternative Healing as a profession, sharing what I have learned and empowering others, the way it has empowered me.

All my healings are facilitated with the help of the Angelic realms, and various Ascended masters, all are infused with unconditional love. My mission is to assist my clients with all aspects of their own personal healing journey, to help them discover there own personal power, inner peace and live a magical and blissful life.

Love and Light


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