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Quantum Timeline healing

Quantum Timeline healing


Quantum timeline healing is a powerful and transformative healing modality, The sessions are very in depth and can take anywhere  between 4-8 hours. This healing is charged per session as is it takes as long as it takes.

The session is split into two parts the first part is talking through where you are in your life, any problems or struggles you may have as well as physical illnesses ect..

The second part is a guided experience where you are put into a trance like state in order for you to access your Akashic records and extract information in relation to past, present, future or Alternate lives that are having an effect on your mental, physical and spiritual journey in your current life.

We then access your "Oneness" counsiousness in order to perform profound healing direct guidance and messages from your higerself in order for you to make a quantum leap forward on your journey.

This sevice has a fixed price due to the length of the sessions


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